The State of Multi-Channel Donor Communications

How 119 organizations are using online and offline channels to engage new donors

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Multi-channel donors — those who give both online and offline — are worth 3 times more than online-only or offline only donors and their first-year donor retention rate is 2 times higher. So there is some good evidence that nonprofits should be intentionally trying to secure multi-channel donors.

But are nonprofits actually using multi-channel communication? And if so, how? 

To better understand this question, we made $20 donations both online and offline to 119 organizations at the same time. Two separate donor personas were created with a unique mailing address, email, and phone number which were shared with the organizations when we made the gifts in each channel.

We then tracked and classified all communications as a solicitation (primary purpose was to ask for money) or cultivation (primary purpose was anything other than an ask for money), to each persona in all 4 channels for 4 months. 

Here is the data we captured that you can explore for yourself (best viewed on desktop).

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